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Hope4NC Helpline graphic that reads, "Stressed? Need to talk? Call 24/7."


The Hope4NC Helpline (1-855-587-3463) is a statewide resource for North Carolinians experiencing stress and trauma from COVID-19 or natural …


FDA Provides List of Resources for Animal Food Producers Preparing for Hurricane Isaias Impacts

As North Carolina begins preparing for the potential landfall and impacts from Hurricane Isaias, the U.S. Food and Drug …

Cover photo for What to Do With All That Summer Squash!

What to Do With All That Summer Squash!

This time of year we can find ourselves with more summer squash and zucchini then we know what to …


Livestock Newsletter Summer / Fall 2020

Livestock Newsletter Articles Included: Looking Back on 2019 How to Combat Mud in Feed Areas Seed Choices How Much is She Costing You? Problem Places Hay …

promotional header with text New Extension Factsheet on Inspection Preparation

New Factsheet: How Animal Food Facilities Can Prepare for Regulatory Inspections

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The Deputy Director of NC Emergency Management has access to cloth masks for agriculture purposes. If you would like some masks …

Orange overlay on a food safety inspector with the text New Era of Smarter Food Safety

FDA Releases New Era for Smarter Food Safety Blueprint

With the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, the most sweeping reform of the U.S. food safety system …

Hurricane background with text Hurricane Preparation and Recovery for North Carolina Poultry Producers Guide

Hurricane Preparation and Recovery for North Carolina: Poultry Producers Guide

Hurricane season officially started on June 1. Experts are predicting an active season, so preparation is essential. To help poultry …

Cover photo for McDowell 4-H Summer Discovery Hiking Trails

McDowell 4-H Summer Discovery Hiking Trails

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We at McDowell 4-H are really missing our traditional …


Forest Landowner Management Tips for June

Summer is on our heels and June means hurricane season is here! In 2020, North Carolina and the Southeast …

Cover photo for Home Food Preservation Online Series


Interested in learning to preserve your own foods? We have the series for you! Each workshop will be held …


NC State Animal Food Safety Qualified Individual Training Online Now

NC State Feed Milling Extension has launched a new online training course for animal food safety. The Qualified Individual Training …


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About the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program USDA is accepting applications now through August 28, 2020. Producers should apply through the Farm Service …

FY 18-19 County Trade Pull Factors

We all have a gut instinct of where money flows in the regions we live. In Southeast NC much …

Cover photo for 4-H Volunteer Roles & Descriptions

4-H Volunteer Roles & Descriptions

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Current Chatham County 4-H Clubs Charging Champions Livestock 4-H Club Leaders: Loretta Batchelor and Leah Daniels …

Longleaf pine blown over by hurricane winds


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The flooding that has resulted from Hurricane Florence in much of North Carolina may have significant impact on forested …

Cara Smith raking hay

New Farmland Owner in Guilford County Builds Relationships With Farm Neighbors

Renee Kennedy knew the beautiful farm house and 110 acres she had under contract to purchase in Pleasant Gardens, …

Study Finds Diseases In N.C. Otters, An Important Species For Tracking River Health

A new study from North Carolina State University detected evidence of otter diseases associated with …

Satellite image of Hurricane Isaias as it approaches Florida on July 31, 2020. Photo from the NOAA.

Cooper Issues State of Emergency and Transportation Waivers for Isaias

[View Executive Order 154 | Issued July 31, 2020] North Carolina is preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Isaias with …

Study Highlights Mental Health Risks Facing Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

Healthcare workers are struggling with mental-health challenges during the COVID-19 …

Having Clients From Many Industries Can Hurt the Effectiveness of Auditing Firms

When an accounting firm has an industry diversified client portfolio, the quality of the firm’s audits …

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This year's Chancellor's Innovation Fund winners are working toward safer treatments for human and animal health, novel manufacturing methods …

Why We Should Already Be Planning For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

What is the best way to distribute vaccines fairly and …

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